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Many of our followers will be aware of how The Hockey Museum (THM) has developed by collecting heritage material from many corners of the hockey family. In the 12 years of our existence in Woking we have received 1,369 collections of many different sizes and varieties.

Despite the amazing collections that we have amassed, we were very aware that arguably the most important and oldest known collection had escaped us. We were informed more than 15 years ago that this had been lost, indeed disposed of, when its owner died in 2006.

We refer to the collection of Ken Howells, former Welsh international player, a life-long supporter of Teddington Hockey Club and a senior official of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for many years. He amassed his collection over a lifetime in hockey and was responsible for the first exhibition of hockey heritage at the London World Cup in 1986. We were both staggered and saddened to receive the news of its loss and, as we hadn’t heard another word of this wonderful collection in the intervening years, we believed that it had gone. Ken’s material used to be displayed in the Teddington HC pavilion in Bushy Park, the London Royal Park – some of our readers might remember seeing it in situ.

And then … two months ago we received correspondence from Ken’s grandson, via the Executive at Teddington HC, advising us that some of Ken’s hockey collection was safe and well in his mother’s garage! News of the best private hockey collection in the world can only come once!

Communications between Marcus Wardle (THM Archivist and Teddington Vice President) and the Howells family ensued. The “some” boxes became “many” became “enough to fit into a Transit Van”, and at this point we realised that this could be the core of the famous Ken Howells collection!

Naturally, Ken’s grandson Chris Howells had first contacted his grandfather’s hockey club, but both Teddington and Chris were quick to agree that there was only one location where Ken’s legacy could be dutifully preserved and made accessible to the whole hockey family …

All that was needed was to go and get it. The best and most elusive of privately held hockey collections … from Harrogate, Yorkshire!

Arrangements were swiftly made and on 17 August we took a van from Woking and collected the ‘Holy Grail of hockey’.


Ken Howells collection 01      Ken Howells collection 02
Ken Howells's personal collection of hockey heritage is collected by The Hockey Museum.


Ken's collection is no disappointment, although we have only had a cursory view of the 30 or so boxes and other framed display pieces. One of the frames contains five hockey sticks from the 1880s! Other gems include an archive of Teddington team photographs, a huge applique flag emblazoned with the logo of the International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations (IFWHA) and a personalized United States IFWHA car registration plate (see pictures below).

Ken was also a great historian of the game, having written two excellent books that are very highly regarded. We look forward to researching his background papers in our quest to compile a definitive history of hockey.


Ken Howells collection 06
The collection safely in storage in Woking just waiting to be looked through and worked on.


Chris was visibly emotional upon handing over the collection to the Museum – it represents a symbolic and poignant connection to his grandfather, and he put a lot of effort into keeping it in good condition. He intends to visit Woking to help catalogue and conserve this amazing find – a collection that we thought had been lost to hockey forever.


Celebrate with us by making a financial donation to The Hockey Museum

Until we can more thoroughly examine the contents of this exciting new collection, we are unable to cost the work needed to scope and conserve it. However, considering the similarly large collection of Alan Walker that we are currently engaged with as a benchmark, the Ken Howells Collection will ultimately cost THM several thousands of pounds in conservation materials alone.

Please celebrate this incredible re-discovery with us by supporting our endeavours to preserve Ken’s collection for the benefit of hockey and for generations of hockey player to come. Click here to make a donation.

If you would like to make a considerable one-off donation, please contact our Treasurer to discuss a direct bank transfer (so as to avoid transaction fees). Click through to our online contact form.


Ken Howells collection 03      Ken Howells collection 04
Fascinating items were quickly identified with a cursory look through the incoming collection.


Ken Howells collection 07


Ken Howells collection 08      Ken Howells collection 04 detail

Hockey Wales


The Hockey Museum (THM) is pleased to share that it is working with Hockey Wales to support their National Lottery-funded heritage project to research, digitise and celebrate Welsh hockey heritage.

When the International Hockey Federation (FIH) became involved in supporting our fledgling museum financially back in 2015, we committed to broadening our collecting remit. This changed from exclusively focusing on English hockey (and on Great Britain at international level) to include international tournaments and the administration of hockey at world level. We changed our name from The National Hockey Museum to The Hockey Museum (THM) to reflect this and, at the same time, committed to guiding other FIH-member nations to recognise and preserve their own heritage.

Despite the FIH withdrawing their annual funding of THM several years ago, we have continued to honour the objectives of the partnership. We have contacts with personal collectors in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and France, but our work supporting other nations with their heritage has often been closer to home; we have relationships with the Irish Hockey Archive based out of Dublin City Library and the developing Scottish Hockey Heritage Group. Now that list can categorically include Wales after Hockey Wales’s successful grant bid.

THM will support Hockey Wales’s project objectives by offering professional advice around the cataloguing and digitisation of heritage material currently stored in Cardiff, by hosting their visiting researchers, and by drawing on our extensive experience of collating definitive match and player statistics for Great Britain. This work has the added benefit of bringing in some much-needed funding to THM to help plug our annual operating deficit.

The Welsh project involves:

  1. Completing a definitive dataset of Wales international players and matches.
  2. Presenting ex-international athletes with an honours cap.
  3. Digitising memorabilia and records.
  4. Developing a cross-curricular resource for primary and secondary schools in and working with schools to educate students on how to digitise data and research historical records.
  5. Promoting the history of Welsh hockey clubs.
  6. Developing a hockey history page on the Hockey Wales website.



The Hockey Museum (THM) has been awarded a Midlands 4 Cities (M4C) Collaborative Doctoral Award with De Montfort University (DMU).

This funded PhD project, Dressed for the Field: Gender, Bodies, and Society through the Material Culture of Field Hockey, 1880 to the Present, will delve into THM's extensive textile collection. The supervisor team includes Dr. Heather Dichter, a member of DMU's International Centre for Sports History and Culture and a THM Trustee, and Dr. Serena Dyer, historian of fashion and dress and an expert in material culture.

This project will examine how the material, embodied and gendered dynamics of clothing intersect with the complex social and cultural evolution of field hockey since its development as a modern sport in the late nineteenth century. Victorian women hockey players had to navigate contemporary sartorial norms: corsets, bustles and ankle-length skirts could not be discarded, necessitating nuanced strategies of modification and adaptation. Male and female players’ uniforms have since changed dramatically, yet hockey remains one of the few sports where women mostly still wear skirts.

Through THM’s extensive garment collection, images and advertisements in publications, and regulations regarding uniforms, the student will explore how social trends and technological advances in clothing manufacturing have interacted with changing notions of bodily comfort, motion, movement, and the performance of the sportsman/woman’s body. Shaped by gendered distinction, national identity, and the British class system, hockey playing uniforms offer an opportunity to deepen understanding of the intersecting relationship between class, bodies, gender, and sport in British culture.

Information about the project can be found on the M4C website, click here.

Applications will be able to be submitted as of 16 October 2023, with the deadline in early January 2024. The selected student will begin their doctoral studies at De Montfort University in October 2024.

GB Caps June 2022


The last few months have seen plenty of Great Britain (GB) honours caps presented in varied locations as we edge towards the target of 581 players who represented GB up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Some 20 presentation events have taken place this year with over 50 caps presented. A further 10 or so events will take place in the second half of 2023. After this we will be mainly looking for the families of deceased players.

Recent activity has seen events in Scotland, Wales, Australia, Switzerland and, of course, here in England.

Please consider making a donation to The Hockey Museum in support of our stats and caps project: Make a donation to The Hockey Museum (


Presentations Abroad

One of the most prestigious presentations took place at Olympic House, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland on 6 June. Jon Wyatt (GB men’s player no. 270) received his cap from IOC President Thomas Bach and International Hockey Federation (FIH) President Tayyab Ikram.

This certainly demonstrated to the Olympic Movement and the FIH just how important history and heritage is to us in Britain.

Read more here: FIH Academy on LinkedIn | FIH Sport Director Jon Wyatt OLY presented with his GB cap



Jon Wyatt GB cap presentation Olympic House 06062023 02     Jon Wyatt GB cap presentation Olympic House 06062023 01

Left: FIH Sport Director Jon Wyatt receives a personal certificate of recognition from IOC President Thomas Bach to accompany his GB honours cap.

Right: Jon Wyatt receives his GB cap from FIH President Tayyab Ikram.


On 14 May Caroline Jordan (GB women’s no. 56) had her cap presented in Melbourne by the former CEO of Scottish Hockey and past Scottish international player Andrew Scoular. Caroline represented GB in 1988 Seoul Olympic Games before settling in Australia.


Caroline Jordan GB cap presentation in Melbourne 14052023 02
Caroline Jordan receives her GB cap from former Scottish Hockey CEO Andrew Scoular.


Presentations in Woking

Several presentations have taken place at our home in Woking. On 26 May we were honoured by the visit of our local MP Jonathan Lord together with Saj Hussain, Chair of Surrey County Council, which gave us the opportunity to show off our amazing museum facility to those with local influence. We held geographically diverse cap presentations celebrating one Irish, two Scottish and two English GB players. Their careers spanned from 1951 into the 21st century, taking in six Olympic Games and with some very interesting stories arising.

The Irishman, Harry Cahill (109), was regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world in the early 1960s. He played 34 times for GB spanning his three Olympic Games. Local lad (to Woking) Danny Hall (264) also played in three Olympic Games but represented GB 107 times – a reflection of the greater intensity of games in the modern era. Danny scored 36 goals in his 107 outings for GB, which is nearly a goal every three games – an amazing conversion rate for a player who didn’t take penalty corners.

Peter Johnson (66) only played once for GB back in 1951 against Kenya in Nairobi. The GB team were returning from a very arduous tour of South Africa which had taken its toll. By the time they reached Kenya they only had ten fit players. Peter, a recent Cambridge triple blue, was living in Nairobi and was drafted in to play his one and only international match.

The other past athletes to be presented by our MP Jonathan were Louise Gordon (127) and Don Wilson (110).


GB cap presentations at THM with Jonathan Lord MP 26052023
From left to right: THM President Mike Smith; Chair of Surrey County Council Saj Hussain; GB player Louise Gordon; Ina, widow of GB player Harry Cahill; GB player Danny Hall; Shona, relative of GB player Don Wilson; Natasha, relative of GB player Peter Johnson; Jonathan Lord, MP for Woking.


South-of-the-border Scot Colin Hector (259) also received his cap in Woking; as did past Trustee of The Hockey Museum Lucy Newcombe (109) when she met up with former Museum colleagues in June. Vice President and past Chair Katie Dodd presented Lucy with her GB cap alongside current Trustee Imogen Gibbon who was down from Edinburgh. The photographs are a great reflection of the warmth and camaraderie of the team involved with the Museum.


Colin Hector GB cap presentation 02 03032023     Lucy Newcombe GB cap presentation 08062023 02     Lucy Newcombe GB cap presentation 08062023 04

Left: Colin Hector receives his GB cap from THM President Mike Smith.

Centre and right: Lucy Newcombe receives her cap from her trustee contemporaries at The Hockey Museum Katie Dodd (left) and Imogen Gibbon (right).


Pro League Presentations

More recently we have seen a lot of activity at the Pro League mini tournaments that have taken place at Lee Valley over the past month or so.

On the 27 May, Iqbal Singh Kullar (198) received his cap in the VIP suite. This was followed by further presentations of the 17, 18 & 21 June. Most were made on the pitch in front of the crowds, which has given great acknowledgement to our stats and caps project.

All were presented by GB President Sheila Morrow who has shown great support to our initiative.


Iqbal Kullar GB cap presentation 27052023 07
 Iqbal Singh Kullar receives his cap from GB President Sheila Morrow.


Two serendipitous presentations took place on 18 & 21 June. Firstly, former Olympic medallist Sally Walton (141) unexpectedly accompanied students from Royal Grammar School Worcester to Lee Valley. Her students (Sally is their hockey coach) were delighted to see her presented with her GB cap.

Then, on 21 June, the US Field Hockey High Performance Director Craig Parnham (273) received his GB cap having accompanied the US women’s team on their Pro League trip to London. With him now living in USA we had been wondering how we might get his cap to him!

The full list of recipients during the Pro League:

Women: Lisa Scarborough (nee Copeland; 105), Lucilla Parkes Wright (108), Sally Walton (141), Jo Ellis (154), Joie Leigh (180), Zoe Shipperley (187).

Men: Ian McGinn (178), Iqbal Singh Kullar (198), Simon Mantell (209), Soma Singh (248), Simon Nicklin (250), Howard Hoskin (260), Craig Parnham (273), Richard Springham (322), Richard Smith (324), James Bailey (330), Ben Arnold (338), Paddy Smith (342).



Jo Ellis Soma Singh Simon Nicklin Howard Hoskin Richard Springham GB cap presentation Lee Valley 17062023

GB cap recipients on the Lee Valley pitch.

From left to right: Howard Hoskin, Soma Singh, Jo Ellis, Sheila Morrow (GB President), Richard Springham, Simon Nicklin.


Craig Parnham Simon Mantell Ben Arnold Time Whiteman Lee Valley GB cap presentations 21062023
Craig Parnham, Simon Mantell, Ben Arnold and Tim Whiteman after receiving their GB honours caps during the Pro League presentations.


Links with Lord's

Most of the recent recipients have been from the modern era, although 17 June saw the only Lee Valley recipient to have played for GB on grass in Ian McGinn (178; pictured). Two of Ian’s 19 GB caps were matches at Lord’s Cricket Ground (against Netherlands and Ireland) in March 1976.


Ian McGinn GB cap presentation Lee Valley 17062023
Ian McGinn receives his cap from GB President Sheila Morrow.


Lord’s has a further role to play in our June presentations. The cricket test match on 2 June (England men against Ireland) saw a good gathering of hockey players including Jimmy Kirkwood (226) and Billy McConnell (201) from Northern Ireland, and Englishman Guy Swayne (223). They all received their GB caps with the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground as their backdrop and in the presence of their hockey teammates.


Guy Swayne Billy McConnell and Jimmy Kirkwood GB cap presentation Lords Cricket Ground 04062023 04
Guy Swayne, Billy McConnell and Jimmy Kirkwood receive their GB caps from former GB Captain Richard Dodds at Lord's Cricket Ground.


A Powerful Legacy for our Sport

All the players mentioned in this report are suffixed by their GB player number. These numbers perhaps best encapsulate what this project is about. Every GB player now has a legacy number that is unique and personal to them. It will always be theirs. Many, many players have expressed to us the pride that they have taken from being awarded this memento of their GB career, but it best summed up by current GB international Ellie Rayer.


"I currently wear number 13, but I am merely looking after the number for the moment. 193 is my number and it always will be, which is incredibly special.

"A huge, huge thank you for the work you have done."

-- Ellie Rayer, GB women's player no. 193.

Ellie Rayer GB cap crop


Please click the link to make a donation to The Hockey Museum in support of our stats and caps project: Make a donation to The Hockey Museum (


Can You Help?

Yet we still have approximately 150 players (or their descendants) to find. We need all the help we can obtain to find them so that they too can join in the pride of receiving their GB honours cap and unique legacy number.

Please get in touch if you'd like to help: Contact Us (

Earlier this year The Hockey Museum (THM) acquired the collection of the late Royal Navy hockey historian Lt Commander Alan Walker. It is a vast collection of memorabilia items and paper archives, which includes unique Royal Navy Hockey material dating back to the 1890s as well as spanning Alan’s life in hockey, from Navy to Combined Services Hockey, from coaching (and coaching coaches) to his time as England Under 21s and senior manager. THM President and Hon. Curator Mike Smith describes it with admiration as, "One of the last great hockey collections we are likely to acquire".

We have drawn on the help of our contacts locally to house Alan’s collection so that we can begin to work through it to catalogue and preserve its fascinating content. We have acquired temporary premises in town with the support of the Surrey Museums Partnership and the Surrey History Centre and now we need to pull together a team of volunteers to undertake the work.


Alan Walker Collection

Above: A small part of Alan's archive, now in the care of The Hockey Museum but in need of much work.

Below: The late Lt Commander Alan Walker at the Hockey Writers' Club lunch.

Alan Walker presentation



Volunteering on the project

We’d like to start work on Alan’s archive in July. You would need to be able to travel to Woking in Surrey to work on the material. Our aim is to have a minimum of two people working together on the project each week, Monday to Friday. You would be trained and supported by THM’s curatorial team making this is an exciting opportunity whether you’re retired and looking to get stuck into a project or keen to gain museum experience and learn new heritage skills.

Click below for the full role description – you can apply to volunteer with us directly or through the Volunteer Woking website.

Volunteers for the Alan Walker Hockey Archive Project for Hockey Museum (The) | Volunteer Woking

Contact Us (


Funding the materialsArchiving materials

This project is going to need a lot of conservation materials and they don’t come cheap. If you cannot make it to Woking to help with work in person, perhaps you would consider making a donation to support the project costs?

We’re confident of acquiring a grant for £1,000, but our initial costings suggest we need to spend in the region of £3,500 to complete the work!

Please make a donation to support the cost of conservation materials. Click the link below.

Make a donation to The Hockey Museum (

This year (2023), there will be over 30 Great Britain honours cap presentation events, not just around the country but around the world. Amazingly, the project has now passed 350 caps produced and presented (out of 581 GB men and women) and we will be beyond 400 by the year end! We anticipate that there will be over 100 GB players or their families that we may never find, mainly because the men’s teams go back over a century to 1920.


Cambridge City Hockey Club presentation, 15 May 2023

CCHC group

From left to right: Mark Brookes (CCHC Chairman); Diane Wilman, Nick Thompson, Christopher Robinson,
Tim Ireland (CCHC President), 
and Mike Smith (The Hockey Museum President and Hon. Curator).

Photographs courtesy of Simon Webb Photography.


The latest presentation took place at the magnificent Cambridge City Hockey Club (CCHC) with its three artificial pitches and clubhouse. The event was triggered by the presentation of David Wilman’s cap to his widow Diane. David was a long-time and much respected member of the Club. He played in three Olympic Games – in Rome 1960, Tokyo 1964 and Mexico City 1968 – earning a total of 31 GB caps over nine years, which was exceptional in those days!

Being in Cambridge, our most easterly presentation venue, we were joined by Christopher Robinson, the nephew of Anthony (Tony) Robinson who played in the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952 winning a bronze medal, and in Melbourne 1956. International matches were much less frequent in those days: Tony totalled 17 GB appearances across the two Olympiads.

It has proved challenging to trace the families of the earlier players and in Tony’s case we have only located six out of 34 of his GB contemporaries. Consequently, the Cambridge presentations were a great joy for The Hockey Museum (THM) as well as for the recipients.

Also at this very special event, former CCHC First XI player Nick Thompson was presented with his cap – 67 caps accrued between 1989 and 1996 including the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games – but sadly his wife Jo (nee Ellis), also a GB hockey player, was unable to join us.

We are grateful to CCHC for their hospitality and thank them for embracing the historical achievements of its past players. The Club now boats six GB internationals and is going to mount a display to celebrate this feat.

Cambridge City HC's write up of the event |



CCHC Diane Willman Nick Thompson     CCHC Chistopher Robinson

Left: Diane Wilman (widow of David Wilman) and Nick Thompson with their GB honours caps.
Right: Christopher Robinson receives his uncle Tony’s GB honours cap from Mike Smith.

Photographs courtesy of Simon Webb Photography.




Looking ahead to England

The families of Tony Robinson and David Wilman will in due course receive their England honours caps, but with over 2,000 England players reaching back to the late 19th century, compiling this definitive dataset and then finding the players or descendants is and will be a much bigger job.

If you are interested in getting involved with THM’s England statistics research project, please get in touch.

Contact Us |


On Friday 21 May 2023, The Times newspaper featured an article on the centenary of Wembley Stadium in London. Frustratingly, they made no mention of the annual women’s hockey international matches which ran from 1951-1991. Under a photograph of the England women’s football team (the ‘Lionesses’) celebrating their European Championship success last year (2022), the article states: “No one imagined a women’s team packing out this stadium when they were building it.” Whilst they may not have foreseen women’s sports teams attracting large crowds, women’s hockey did this in the 1970s!


Wembley crowd
The record crowds of schoolgirls at Wembley during its hockey heyday; an electric atmosphere perhaps not dissimilar to the rock concerts that Wembley also hosted.


Prior to its article, The Times asked its readership to contribute their memories of Wembley, though the resulting article is surprisingly light on reminiscence. Former England captain Anita White wrote in with her memories of leading out the England team as World Champions in front of a 68,000-strong crowd at Wembley in 1976. Her correspondence was completely ignored by The Times.

The Wembley crowd of mostly schoolgirls in 1976 was a record attendance for women’s sporting event. Indeed, throughout the 1970s and through to the early 1980s the annual Wembley fixture regularly exceeded 60,000 spectators – the second largest crowds after men’s football. Women’s football matches in the UK did not exceed the hockey crowd size at Wembley until the 2012 Olympic final at Wembley (80,000) and again for the 2022 European Championship final at Wembley (87,000).

Anita says: “I'm personally thrilled to see women's sport as a whole beginning to get the recognition it deserves but frustrated at the omission of hockey's spectator appeal in the 1970s. The women’s Wembley internationals are quite unique in the history of the development of women's sport.”


Teams England Scotland walk out Wembley 1972 Pat Ward

England women vs Scotland at Wembley Stadium in 1972. The match took place in front of a crowd of 65,000.

From the collection of Hockey Field magazine's Editor Pat Ward, held by The Hockey Museum.


The Magic of Wembley: enjoy the book

MoW A1 poster PRESS single 1The Times may not have been interested in hockey’s fascinating Wembley legacy, but you can read about the 41 years of England international matches in The Hockey Museum’s (THM) book, The Magic of Wembley. It is available for purchase for only £10 plus postage.

Purchase The Magic of Wembley Book ( or click the poster image.

When we were researching for book, THM team tried to trace the whereabouts of the Wembley Stadium business archives. We presumed that there must be an organisation responsible for keeping records of the multi-event history of the venue – we failed, though ultimately not to the detriment of our book! Having exhausted our contacts at the National Football Museum, we were pointed in the direction of the Football Association (FA) – they were only interested in football rather than the development of and wider use of the stadium itself – and then the London Metropolitan Archives who did have some of the financial records but not a lot else. So where have all the Wembley records gone!? It all rather reinforces Anita White’s view that hockey at Wembley is persistently and sadly overlooked, but at least THM exists to continue to bang the drum!


The 70th anniversary of hockey at Wembley

Back in March 2021, THM partnered with Talk Hockey Radio to record a special panel discussion celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first women’s hockey match at Wembley Stadium in 1951. It featured former England captains Maggie Souyave, Anita White and Kate Richardson-Walsh. You can watch it on our website below.

Click her for more information about the special panel discussion film and other Wembley hockey-related material: Reliving The Wembley Magic: 70th Anniversary Special (

Reliving the Wembley Magic is a panel discussion produced in March 2021 in partnership with Talk Hockey Radio to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first women's hockey match at Wembley Stadium in 1951. 

The Hockey Museum (THM) continues its rewarding programme of Great Britain (GB) honour cap presentations, tracking down past GB players in all four corners of the world. The most recent presentation took place in the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands on Friday 21 April 2023: Andrew West (GB men’s player number 292) received his cap from Nigel Bates, President of Cayman Hockey at the Cayman Compass.


Andrew West GB cap presentation 02 2142023     Andrew West GB cap presentation 01 2142023
The GB honours cap presentation to Andrew West.

Left to right: Ivan Burges (Cayman Hockey Secretary), Andrew West, Nigel Bates (President of Cayman Hockey), and Dwayne Atherley (Cayman captain and Barbadian international)

Photography copyright: Compass Media - Seaford - Russell Jr.


Andrew earned 6 GB caps in addition to his representative honours for England, which included the 2005 European Nations Championships in Leipzig, Germany. His GB caps all came during a Tri-Nations tournament against Canada and Belgium in in Vancouver in 2003.






09 July 2003

Canada : Great Britain

3 : 1

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia

07 July 2003

Great Britain : Belgium

6 : 2

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia

05 July 2003

Canada : Great Britain

1 : 2

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia

04 July 2003

Great Britain : Belgium

2 : 1

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia

02 July 2003

Canada : Great Britain

4 : 1

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia

01 July 2003

Great Britain : Belgium

4 : 3

Vancouver, Wright Field, University of British Columbia


Andrew started playing hockey in Hong Kong, aged five. His parents worked there for several years before returning to their homeland of England when Andrew was nine. He played representative hockey for Northamptonshire, the Midlands and England Under 15s through to Under 21s, captaining all age groups for county and country matches. As an England Under 18, Andrew and his team won the Junior European Nations Championships – he was player of the tournament and top goal scorer. At Under 21 level, Andrew won a bronze medal at the Junior World Cup in Hobart, Australia, in 2001.

From a club perspective, Andrew started his men's club career at Beeston in 1996, competing in the Men's National Hockey League. At the time, he was the youngest ever starting finalist in the Hockey Association Cup, aged 16, when Beeston lost to Cannock in 1998. For the 2000-2001 season Andrew was named captain of Beeston Hockey Club, aged 19, becoming the youngest ever captain of a National League side – do these records still stand?

In 2001, Andrew moved to Cannock Hockey Club and won four National League titles in 2002-‘03, 2003-‘04, 2004-‘05, and 2005-‘06. That is still the longest winning streak of any club, and 3 English Hockey Association Cups in 2001-‘02, 2004-‘05, and 2006-‘07. Andrew left Cannock in 2009 and joined Holcombe Hockey Club for a season before retiring in 2010.

Andrew retired from international hockey in 2005 to start at career in investment banking with JP Morgan.


 The Hockey Museum is indebted to Ivan Burges for his support in tracing Andrew West and organising Andrew’s GB cap presentation in collaboration with THM President Mike Smith.

One of the longest-established touring teams still playing are the Horseshoes Hockey Club, founded in 1970 as a team for current and former pupils of Oakham School that went to the Blackpool Festival each Easter.

The Hockey Museum (THM) volunteer Steve LeMottee took over as the organiser in 1974, and during his 27-year ‘term of office’ the membership was opened up and the fixture list was expanded to include other festivals in England and some overseas tours, the most ambitious being to Vancouver and San Francisco in 1981.

With the exception of the two ‘Covid years’, the recent Bank Holiday was Steve’s 50th consecutive Easter with the Horseshoes, and although his playing involvement is limited to walking hockey these days he had planned to make an occasional guest appearance on the grass pitches at the Skegness Festival – sadly one of only two such gatherings of the hockey family that is still running.

However, even Steve’s modest ambitions were frustrated when he was diagnosed with Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) in early March. But not to be deterred, he still went to Skegness and, over the course of the two-day festival, walked 50 times around a pitch to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Myeloma UK.

Accompanied by teammates, friends and family – and by the entire Horseshoes HC men’s and mixed squads for the final two laps – Steve raised £800 to be shared between the two good causes. Thanks to Festival organisers Ben Read and Stuart Cunnington, a further £200 – the proceeds of the Saturday evening social – was raised for Myeloma UK.

Steve is currently undergoing a course of chemotherapy before a spell in hospital and a recuperation period, but he fully intends to return to Skegness next year for his 51st Easter with the Horseshoes.


Skegvegas 2023 01
Skegvegas 2023 02

THM volunteer Steve LeMottee (right in the bottom photograph) undertook a sponsored walk during the Skegness Easter Hockey Festival this year.

Images courtesy of Anne Tate Photography.

Wimbledon away day 03
Volunteers and staff from The Hockey Museum pose for a photograph in the Media Centre of the All England Lawn Tennis Club.


On Thursday 13 April a group of volunteers from The Hockey Museum (THM) enjoyed the privilege of visiting the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon including a visit to its Museum. The day was made more challenging by a signalling meltdown at Waterloo train station. This caused detours and some emergency travel plans – the last time we organise a trip on the 13th of anything! – but the majority of the group made it more or less on time and were rewarded by a glorious spring day.

The visit, arranged by our curatorial team, was a combination of a fact-finding, professional outreach visit with the added pleasure of a grounds tour and a look behind the scenes of the workings of their museum. The tour included visits to both Centre Court, Number One Court, Murray Mound – or is it Henman Hill? – and a rare opportunity to visit the Wimbledon Championships’ Media Centre.


Wimbledon away day 04
Wimbledon away day 05
Outside and inside Wimbledon's Centre Court during our tour of the All England Lawn Tennis Club grounds.


THM Curator Shane Smith commented:

“This was a rewarding day. A great professional recognition for The Hockey Museum from a fellow leader in the sports heritage community, but also an exciting and thought-provoking day out for our hard-working volunteers. The day was highly enjoyable and a great team building opportunity, but we also gained key insights into Wimbledon’s collection and archive management work.”

The Wimbledon archive includes the earliest wooden rackets, tennis clothing, tennis balls and all sorts of lawn tennis-related material from the game’s earliest, formative years. Access to their archive gave our group an opportunity to see close at hand how rare tennis artefacts were stored, catalogued and preserved as part of the game’s heritage. This reinforced the diligent, painstaking work that THM’s volunteers undertake with our own collection material, ably overseen by Collections Officer, Carli-Lyn Vermani.

A most enjoyable and professionally rewarding day out that will live long in the memory. Our thanks to the Lawn Tennis Museum team for hosting us so well.


Wimbledon away day 01
Wimbledon away day 02
The Hockey Museum group were excellently hosted by staff from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum's curatorial and learning teams.

THM Woking Library poster low res

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This Easter holiday, The Hockey Museum (THM) has partnered with Woking Library on an animal trail and craft activity as part of the nationwide initiative The Wild Escape. Between 1 & 15 April children aged 7-11 can find four animals that have 'escaped' from THM’s collection hidden around Woking Library. As children search for these animals they will learn about their symbolism and relevance to hockey as well as how we can protect these animals in the wild. Children can make their own origami version of each animal to ‘release’ back into the wild (no littering please).

THM is taking part in The Wild Escape within our local habitat of Surrey. Participating museums will conclude their Get Wild About Surrey event on Earth Day, 22 April, with a display of their projects at Haslemere Museum.

THM's excellent contribution to The Wild Escape has been fashioned by volunteer Elysia Morgan with support from THM's curatorial staff.


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Not in Surrey?

pdfYou too can get wild at home with The Hockey Museum's origami activity pack inspired by the animals in our cloth badge collection. Download the pack by clicking the PDF icon.

The Wild Escape invites museums and schools across the nation to take part in a celebration of UK wildlife. If you do not live in Surrey, then be sure to look out for activities at museums near you this Easter.

The Wild Escape is made possible by lead support from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants, with additional support from Art Fund and a group of generous individuals and trusts.


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Wimbledon Ladies Celebrate 125 Years

15 December 2014

Wimbledon Ladies' Hockey Club (WLHC), the oldest surviving ladies' hockey club in the world, celebrated their 125 years in style over the weekend of 27th and 28th of September. It began with a programme of matches followed by a traditional match tea of sandwiches and cake at the Wimbledon Club where...

First THM Quiz Winners

15 December 2014
First THM Quiz Winners

At this year’s London Investec Cup back in July, the Museum ran a quiz for the many school parties who visited the event and came on to the Museum stand. The school children were given a set of questions where all the answers could be found somewhere among the exhibits. We...

Mrs Belchamber, Miss Bettine And Miss Ellis

15 December 2014
Mrs Belchamber, Miss Bettine And Miss Ellis

I was in The Hockey Museum one Tuesday morning and was asked to look up some information to help answer an enquiry from a man researching his family tree, whose mother, Mrs Belchamber, played for England in the 1920s. He had some information and a letter dated 23 October 1920...

Lord Gets Off The Bench And Picks Up His Hockey Stick

14 November 2014

This article was spotted in a recent issue of the Scotland on Sunday newspaper. "The recent retired chairman of the Scottish Land Court, Lord McGhie, shows no signs of slowing down. Just a week or two after stepping down from his exalted position, the good Lord will be turning out in...

Robert Watson Collection

19 September 2014
Robert Watson Collection

The recently acquired Robert Watson collection contained three unusual items (pictured). Two are silver hallmarked pin badges from the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympics. The third is believed to be a cufflink from the 1948 London Games but we are missing its partner. Mike Haymonds, September 2014

Lost Collections: Bill Malherbe Of South Africa

07 September 2014

Probably the first real collector of hockey material was Bill Malherbe of South Africa, although the claim might be hotly contested if anyone knew what was in Ken Howells’s (of Teddington Hockey Club and Wales) collection. Sadly, his total and vast collection was thrown away shortly after his death, so...

Museum Stand At The Investec Cup

02 August 2014
Museum Stand At The Investec Cup

The Museum’s stand at the Investec London Cup held at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in the Olympic Park was a great success, attracting even more visitors than last year’s stand and proving a hit with adults and children alike. The display of sticks is always popular with...

The Cine Films Mystery

08 July 2014

The Museum has been given four large collections of hockey films which have been recorded on film reels. Rowena Shepherd, the Museum volunteer leading in this work, commented: “At the moment we really only know their titles. They are a mixture of films of hockey events and matches such as...

Investec London Cup, 9-13 July

01 July 2014

The Hockey Museum will have a stand at the Investec London Cup at the Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from 9-13 July. We very much hope that spectators at the tournament will come to see the exhibits on display which will include: Items...

Memories Of Wembley Stadium

23 June 2014
Memories Of Wembley Stadium

Nan William’s work to uncover the full history of the playing of hockey at Wembley Stadium continues and she has recently received some fascinating stories from former internationals Karen Brown, Sue Slocombe and Val Robinson. In an attempt to also find some local knowledge of this annual hockey event, she...

Even The Gods Played Hockey

20 June 2014
Even The Gods Played Hockey

This mosaic, an image of the god Pan from a Roman villa, was recently seen by The Hocket Museum volunteer Evelyn Somerville in the Archaeological Gardens at Paphos, Cyprus. It was created during the 3rd century AD.

Club Mugs

18 June 2014
Club Mugs

Now’s the time for a spring clean of your kitchen cupboards to find a new home for that old club mug or beer glass that you keep just in case or maybe for ‘old time's sake’. Well, The Hockey Museum can offer this club memento pride of place as we...

War Stories

09 June 2014
War Stories

The Hockey Museum calls for hockey military stories as the centenary of WW1 approaches. Click on the image for the full article.

Museum Volunteers Needed

27 March 2014

The Hockey Museum opened at the beginning of 2012 in splendid premises in Woking, Surrey. In two years it has come a long way in establishing itself as the leading institution for collecting, storing, archiving and researching the rich history and heritage of the sport of hockey. New collections arrive...

Let's Make A Date!

26 February 2014

When the English Hockey Association folded in 2002 was that the end of English hockey? Of course not. Early the following year a new association, England Hockey, arose, phoenix-like, from the ashes. And some time after that it was renamed the English Hockey Board. Clubs kept on playing and many...

How Old Is Your Club?

18 February 2014

How old is your club? Guildford Hockey Club were not really sure. They celebrated their 50th in 1975 on the understanding that they had started in 1925. Local club Woking then suggested that they might be older than that. Their club chairman, Chris Basly, contacted us and we had a...

The Oldest Club Archive

10 February 2014

Surbiton Hockey Club are not quite the oldest club in the world but they do have the oldest and most complete ‘club archive’; unless you know better, of course! Their minute books go back to 1874 together with copious press cuttings and a complete collection of their club newsletter from...

The Hockey Museum Visits FIH HQ In Lausanne

03 February 2014

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) are very impressed with what we are achieving at The Hockey Museum after their two top executives visited us at Woking last July. A special 'there-and-back-in-a-day' visit made us realise that they were serious. The FIH's mission statement includes a commitment to history and heritage...

20 years in Storage

02 February 2014

By Mike Smith Two collections that have arrived at the Museum have actually been with us for over twenty years. They were collections given to us as a ‘fledgling set-up’ but, with the loss of our first home in Milton Keynes, they were never updated and sorted. This fascinating job...

Initiatives To Promote The Museum

01 February 2014

By Mike Smith The NHM website will be "upgraded" in the near future as we have just about reached the capacity of the old one. Under the direction of our new Webmaster, Allan Jobling, and our Publicity Officer, Mike Haymonds, we are hopeful of significantly increasing the potential to share information and...

FIH President visits the Museum

25 January 2014
FIH President visits the Museum

By Mike Haymonds Leandro Negre, FIH President, made his first visit to the Museum on Wednesday and pronounced himself “very impressed” with what he saw after a guided tour with Chair of Trustees Katie Dodd and Curator Mike Smith. He spoke with many of the volunteers about the work they...

More Lost Collections

24 January 2014

When we met with Leandro Negre, President of the FIH, at the Hockey Writers’ Club Luncheon last year, he said: ”This haemorrhaging of historical hockey material has got to be stopped.” Yes, Leandro, but how do we stop it? Within an hour we learned that the collection put together by Don...

Hockey in Morocco

22 January 2014

The Museum has started researching the origins and development of hockey in North Africa as we already know that ‘hockey-like’ games have been played in many countries in this region for generations. We have images of a game called ‘Genna’ being played in Ethiopia (see item in December’s newsletter), ‘oggaf’...

The Wagstaffe/Miroy Trunk

21 January 2014
The Wagstaffe/Miroy Trunk

Whilst collecting the Miroy collection and helping to clear the house we came across this old trunk in the loft. With the name Wagstaffe on it we realised that it dated from Barbara’s father who founded the Folkestone Hockey Festival. It was through the Festival that Barbara and Nevil first...


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