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This week's hockey fact on The Hockey Museum (THM) website has generated a lot of interest world wide.

We are encouraged by the number of views, particularly the high numbers from Germany, and we feel the story behind the fact deserves more detail.

We have chosen two versions of the report from our archives: one from our THM colleague Patrick Rowley who reported the incident the following day and a translation from a German magazine.

Dil Bahra


India Awarded Match As Japan Stage Walk-Out
Patrick Rowley

"Mexico City, 21 October. India won their sixth match of the Olympic hockey tournament against Japan by five goals to nil without actually scoring a goal.

"They were awarded the match by the technical delegates of the International Hockey Federation after the most amazing incident in the history of Olympic hockey. The Japanese team walked off the field before the final whistle and refused to return.
"With 15 minutes to go, the British umpire Archie Young awarded a penalty stroke against the Japanese. Inamur Rehman, who had replaced Inder at inside left, was breaking into the circle when there was a clash of sticks as he went to pass the Japanese back, Katsuhiro Yuzaki.

"The umpire decided that Inam had been fouled and presumed that a certain goal had been prevented. He, therefore, awarded the most drastic penalty.

"The Japanese did not first realize what decision the umpires had made. They thought the whistle had gone for a foul against their player. When the truth quickly became apparent, they surrounded the umpire, protesting and indicated the nature of the foul committed not by their player but by Inam.

"The umpire stuck firmly to his decision indicating a second time that he had awarded the penalty-stroke.

"With that several of the Japanese players threw down their sticks in disgust. In great anger, their captain led the team off the field.

"The jury of appeal chairman, Mr Stewart McIldowie of South Africa ordered the Japanese manager to get his team on the field within 30 seconds but because they were so upset there was never any chance that they would return. When the whistle went for the game to resume, the Indians were still on the field watching incredulously. At least three minutes had elapsed. The Japanese did not reappear and the umpire blew his whistle again indicating that the game was over.

"In my opinion the umpire made a bad mistake. When going through, Inam put his stick between that of Yuzaki and the ball thus committing a foul. When Yuzaki's stick hit that of Inam he was doing no more than showing the foul.

"The umpire made another mistake. If Yuzaki had fouled, it did not warrant a penalty-stroke. It should have been a penalty-corner for there was no reason to assume that Inam would have scored.

"I am sure any other umpire in this tournament would have awarded a penalty-corner for such an offence.

"The Japanese, it was revealed afterwards, were strongly favoured to win the fair-play trophy which was being awarded at this Olympics tournament for the first time. The reason they were so incensed is that they had played their hearts out in preventing India from scoring. Their goalkeeper, Matsumoto, had performed miracles but suddenly all their efforts were thrown away by what they considered to be a ridiculous decision by the umpire.

"But don't let me sound as if I am condoning the Japanese action. Far from it. Any umpire can make a mistake. He is only human. But to walk off the field is the height of unsportsmanship and Japan are very lucky to be allowed to play in this tournament."


The Scandal Of Mexico City
(translated from a German hockey report)

"It happened on Sunday 20 October 1968 at 1.05pm local time on pitch 2 of the Olympic Hockey Stadium, Magdalena Mixhuca.

"55 minutes and 30 seconds into an extremely important game for the seven times Olympic champions, India v. Japan, the score was still 0-0 and, in view of the brave defensive performance of the speedy Japanese, the overall opinion in the stands was that the brave, little men around the cat-like goalkeeper Norihiko Matiumoto could have kept their goal intact for the remaining quarter of an hour against the desperate Indians.

"The Umpire, Mr Archibald Young, had blown his whistle and the Scottish referee made one of his many inexplicable - to players and spectators - decisions, pointing to the penalty spot to the horror of all.

"In the stands the same amazement was writ large on the faces of those at the jury table and in the seats reserved for the FIH officials.

"India's right winger Balbir Singh, the second of that name in the team, stepped up to take the penalty which could mean relief to his over nervous troops. But Balbir Singh never got to take the penalty stroke.

"The Japanese who at first had not realised what was happening, then surrounded the umpire in justifiable protest and when this did not bear fruit did the worst they could have done in such a situation. Captain Tsureya Yuzaki, the elder brother of the player who had committed the foul, threw his stick onto the grass in a rage and left the pitch in the direction of the players' bench. The rest of his eleven followed him immediately."

Museum Official Launch Event

19 October 2012

Official launch event, 19 October 2012. The Hockey Museum (THM) is proud to announce that on 19 October between 2.00pm and 8.00pm we will be holding our official launch in the main site in Butts Road, Woking. THM is the only dedicated Hockey Museum in the world. Although it is...

Museum Launch Party

16 October 2012
Museum Launch Party

The official Launch Party for the long awaited first hockey museum in the world, The Hockey Museum, took place at Woking in England today. A large gathering of leading hockey officials, local dignitaries and archive enthusiasts attended the opening held at the Museum which is at Butts Road in the Surrey...

Sir Derek Day

22 August 2012
Sir Derek Day

British hockey olympian, Sir Derek Day carried the Olympic Torch at Copthorne, near East Grinstead on 17 July 2012. Sir Derek, who won a Bronze medal playing for Great Britain at the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952 played hockey for England, Cambridge, Southgate and East Grinstead hockey clubs. He played in goal....

Men's Olympic Appearances

09 August 2012

At the time of writing, forty-two countries have played men's hockey at Olympic Games since hockey was first played at the London 1908 Olympic Games. These are the leading nations in terms of Olympic Games appearances: India top the table with 19 appearances followed by Germany with 18; Netherlands have...

No Magic Wansbrough

20 July 2012

Wansbrough is a well known name in Australian hockey circles. Father Colin used to be the Australian manager and son, David, was a highly successful player for Australia. What no one knew was that Colin Wansbrough played against the great Indian centre forward Balbir Singh. This was only revealed when we...

Hockey At The Royal Opera House

02 July 2012
Hockey At The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House and BP have joined forces with The Olympic Museum in Lausanne to create a unique exhibition telling the Olympic story through the endeavours of ancient and modern Olympians. Hockey is represented in the Olympic story by the experiences of Balbir Singh 'Senior', the triple Olympic gold medallist,...

Gerald Logan’s 1908 Olympic Gold Medal

12 June 2012
Gerald Logan’s 1908 Olympic Gold Medal

Gerald Logan (born 29 December 1879) played hockey for England at the London 1908 Olympic Games, scoring 3 goals in England's 8-1 win over Ireland in the Final. His gold medal has been loaned to The Hockey Museum (THM) by his great nephew, Nigel Bates. It was left to Nigel by...

Japanese Researcher Visits The Hockey Museum

04 June 2012
Japanese Researcher Visits The Hockey Museum

Shinobu Akimoto, an Associate Professor from Kobe University in Japan, who is a specialist in hockey history with particular interest in mixed hockey in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, visited The Hockey Museum yesterday. Akimoto is a visiting researcher at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture,...

Hockey Players Support Charity

24 May 2012

Around 50 former hockey players, including eight olympians, will turn out to play in a charity golf tournament at East Berkshire Golf Club (EBGC), in aid of the On Course Foundation, on Thursday 24 May. The day has been organised by Chris Langhorne, the 1964 and 1972 Olympian who is...

Blackheath Hockey Club Celebrate 150 Years Of Hockey

07 May 2012
Blackheath Hockey Club Celebrate 150 Years Of Hockey

Stephen Hammond MP and Philip Alexander scored for Parliament as they beat Blackheath Hockey Club 2-0 in a game played under the 1861 rules to mark the 150th anniversary of hockey. The game was played on Blackheath Common, the site of the original pitch north of All Saints Church. 1861 Rules (Union)...

The Longest Ever Hockey Match?

30 April 2012

Earlier today a record was broken at Haslemere Hockey Club during the South League Playoffs. The first Semi Final match between Fareham 2nd XI and Horsham 1st XI was interupted by heavy rain and eventually the took four hours and three minutes to complete. We believe that this is the longest...

Hockey Books

02 April 2012

Stan Salazaar writes from Perth, Australia: "The Hockey Museum in Woking is a wonderful idea and I hope it goes from strength to strength. The website is fantastic with some terrific information. I like the book list; what a collection. I have 20 or so duplicate books to donate to the...

Hockey Among The "Deluded Savages"

14 March 2012

Extract from letter in Hockey World, 2 February 1931. Miss Charlotte Mumford, a member of the Friends and Temperance Missionary Society, wrote: "I am a missionary who has laboured amongst the Samoyedes of Northern Siberia, a barbarous people who, in a time of dearth, eat their young, and, in a...

1968 Mexico City Olympic Games: The Japanese Team Walks Out

13 March 2012

This week's hockey fact on The Hockey Museum (THM) website has generated a lot of interest world wide. We are encouraged by the number of views, particularly the high numbers from Germany, and we feel the story behind the fact deserves more detail. We have chosen two versions of the...

GH Morton Collection

05 March 2012
GH Morton Collection

The Hockey Museum is now receiving material and collections almost every week and they are far from all being about international players and great feats. A recent addition is about (George) Herbert Morton, who was a tireless worker for hockey in the early years of the last century. Without people...

Woking And Hockey

23 February 2012

The Hockey Museum Moves To Woking: A Most Appropriate New Home, But Why? The leafy Surrey town of Woking did not exist until the middle of the nineteenth century. The railway arrived in 1838 in the middle of the woods; not even a cottage in sight. At Woking Junction the railway...

The Museum Grows By The Donation Of Collections

14 February 2012
The Museum Grows By The Donation Of Collections

In December we had the sad news of the death of Barbara Miroy, the widow of Nevill. Between them they did an incredible amount for hockey in many different ways, right through the second half of the 20th century. Nevill wrote The History of Hockey and founded Hockey Digest after the demise...

Hockey: The Weekly Publication In 1893

01 February 2012
Hockey: The Weekly Publication In 1893

At The Hockey Museum we have numerous hockey magazines and the earliest edition of a hockey magazine we have in our archives is the magazine Hockey, published on Friday, 15 December 1893. Hockey, is described as "a weekly review of the game, which is published every Friday morning in time...

Hockey Sport, June 1998

09 January 2012
Hockey Sport, June 1998

This article appeared in Hockey Sport, June 1998. Fourteen years later, we do have The Hockey Museum. Dil Bahra, January 2012

Lightbox Helps Hockey Net Its Own Museum

04 January 2012
Lightbox Helps Hockey Net Its Own Museum

Woking is set to shine the spotlight on more than a century of hockey heritage with the launch of a national museum for the sport. With help from The Lightbox gallery and museum, a specialist venue in Butts Road has opened this month as the new home for an archive...


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